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ID Badge Reel - Colorful Floral Wreath BR105

$ 8.95
A personalized badge reel or a retractable badge holder is an effective way to be identified in your profession. For example, as a nurse, your patients would be able to use the badge reel to easily identify you. Credentials can also be added to your nurse badge reel to reduce any barriers when working with your patient. Or you can get a badge reel just to spruce up your scrubs. As a teacher your badge reel can make it easy for your new students to remember you. A badge holder is a super cute way to show off your personal style but is effective to help you be identified.Your badge reel can be used to set you apart from everyone else as it is a statement piece. Our badge reels are handmade so they can be customized to fit your unique style.

Beautiful image credit goes to DigitalVintages.

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