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Can I request for a custom design? Yes use this link to go to create a custom design

Or email us at


What is a badge reel holder? A badge reel is a housing or case that contains a retractable cord. This cord connects to a badge holder. It typically measures 1.25" in diameter and has a belt clip on the back for attaching the badge reel to clothing.

Are badge holders waterproof? Our badge reels can be wiped clean but is not waterproof. 

What badge styles do you have? We offer a belt clip or an alligator clip. A belt clip slides on your clothing. An alligator clip can be clip onto clothing. 



What is a decal? A decal is a vinyl adhesive that is designed and cut into the monogram or shape you are requesting.  

How can a decal be used? Decals can be added to any clean flat surface. Compatible with tumblers, glass, car windows, etc. To many options to list. 

How to apply a decal? 

 How can a decal be removed? Peel away the decal and clean with alcohol to remove the adhesive.  

What is the difference between a patterned vinyl and a solid vinyl? Patterned vinyl has a print on the vinyl and a solid vinyl is the factory color. 

How long will my decal last? Patterned vinyl will last up to four years on a surface that is touched often. The print design will not last with excessive touching do to the oils from your hands can remove the print. Solid vinyls will last up to 6 years. 



 Do you offer wholesale purchases? Contact the shop for wholesale availability of the desired item at



The standard monogram letter order is:

First name initial
Last name initial
Middle name initial

Example - Sally Mae Norton would be SNM